About the Blog

When I was applying to vet school, it seemed like everything I read was either written by an admissions person in highly general terms or by one of those vet students that came out of the womb understanding organic chemistry, grew up on a farm, majored in biochemistry, minored in animal science, and had no problem finding a flexible and generous veterinarian who paid them fairly to work at their convenience throughout undergrad. Needless to say, I was not that student.

My trajectory has been far from direct. I majored in biology and English at a liberal arts school (read: no agriculture program). When I graduated, I had completed all of my prerequisite courses but still needed veterinary hours and wanted to strengthen my academic profile, so I enrolled in a master’s program and took on my first job as an editor to pay the bills and bank up for a decade more of student loans. I settled in for a few more years of waiting and chipping before I could apply to veterinary school.

This blog is for the person who has always known he or she wants to be a vet but it always felt too hard to reach. For the person who struggled with biochemistry or genetics, couldn’t find a pre-veterinary advisor, or more than once thought about bailing but couldn’t quite give up hope . I don’t profess to be an expert, but I am here to share my journey with you on the road to vet school.